Cradle of ancient civilizations and mythological heroes; Land of imposing mountains, legendary dense forests and crystal clean rivers and lakes; Home of the romantic old traditions and warm hospitality – it is all Bulgaria to discover.

In “Adventure Trails”, we believe, that discovering is connected with nature and outdoor activities. A trek through the beautiful alpine landscape of Bulgarian mountains or a holiday in the picturesque countryside of the Balkans – it is always an adventure. That is why we design tours and holidays, dedicated to the connection between man and nature and we believe that is the best way to explore Bulgaria – a truly magnificent destination.

As a fast developing incoming tour operator in Bulgaria, “Adventure Trails” guarantees the highest quality of all tours and services. Holidays, revealing the world famous cultural and historical sites, the impressive nature, the fantastic traditions and the amazing cuisine and wines... Tours, offering activities, such as trekking, Mountain
bike, horse riding, kayaking, rock climbing, snowshoeing… Those are the Adventure Trails of Bulgaria…